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Granola Bars


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• Apple Ginger:

A vegan friendly Cinnamon and ginger apple pie filling flavours ured granola bar, sweetened with glacé apples and ginger, and treacle.

• Arabian Bites:

A Mediterranean fruit and nut combo of dried dates; figs and apricots, with pistachios, almonds and walnuts….sweetened with pure jungle honey.

• ChocolateCitrus:

The name says it all… a chocolatey granola bar flavoured with citrus peel. Vegan.

• Black Forest:

A chocolatey granola bar reminiscent of the delicious cake it’s named after. Vegan friendly.

• Not- So- Rich cake:

A granola bar that has all the yummy flavours of “Rich cake” with jungle honey , and mixed dried fruits, including glacé cherries.

• Hunny ChocoNana:

YETT another chocolatey treat for those who love our Choc’a’nut Crunch and Banana Fritters Crunch Granolas…. a customer suggestion.


A is for apples,
B for berries,
C for Cherries (and cranberries)
D for dates….. and the list go on…

Does anyone EVER complain that th myd edition trail mix of seasoned nuts, pumpkin seeds, soft and chewy fruit, and crunchy chocolate.


Delicious combination of tasty crunchy nuts and seeds held together with sweet and sticky treacle and oats. Vegan.

Minimum of 5 bars per order.

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Apple Ginger, Arabian Bites, ChocolateCitrus, Black Forest, Not- So- Rich cake, Hunny ChocoNana, TROOLY FROOTY, TROOLY NUTTY


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