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Vedgennaise ( vegan mayonnaise), Classic Hummus, Marinara Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Mix, Vegan Pesto, Chilli Con Carne, Herby Hummus, Vedgennaise (Aioli), Vedgennaise (Hunny Mustard ), Vedgennaise ( Lemon Pepper ), Pink Hummus, Roasted Pepper Pesto, Rose Harissa, නයි මිරිස් Pesto, Tangy Tamarind Sauce, Sweet Chillie Sauce, Kick’O’Spice Peanut Sauce, Tangy Tamarind Sauce, Creamy Mint Sauce, Cheesy Moringa Chowder Mix, Golden Hummus, Vedgenaise (Tartar Sauce), Lavender Hummus, Ajva, Cheesy‘Shroom Mix, Vedgenaise (Creamy French), CHEEZEE Sauce, EZ Tahini Sauce, Baba Ghanoush, Vedgenaise (Burger Sauce), K’s Die-No-Might Sauce, Tartar Sauce, EZ Tahini Paste

5 reviews for Sauces & Dips

  1. Imz Shrz

    Tbh the BEST hummus I’ve ever had & could you believe it that we just finished within a few hours ? It was THAAAT good . Perfect with Bread or Roti or just have spoonfuls to get an amazing taste 😍

  2. Azer

    My favourite section. Tried almost all of it. Each one has a different taste. Whether it be crackers, pasta or even pita bread. A definite must have.

  3. Chinthi Suranimala

    Delicious sauces!! The vegan pesto is out of this world! I love the classic one best – just tasted the red pepper one and it’s really good too!

  4. Enaya

    I have tasted almost all the sauces n dips it’s super I vouch for it

  5. Enaya

    Hummus is real…l…ly lovely

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